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Lighting AssesmentsA Lighting Assessment begins with a review or audit of your existing lighting to see how we can make it more effective and efficient.  If you already have a design, our lighting experts will give you an unbiased critique to make recommendations on how to improve it and provide the best strategies to implement it.

We often run into a customer “sold” on a particular lighting fixture or technology based on a specification from a lighting designer that may have ties to a specific manufacturer (a lighting rep). Being an independent firm, we can give an honest assessment on whether a particular lighting fixture is actually the best solution for your project.

Case in point:

A recent customer hired a lighting design firm that was actually part of a national lighting fixture manufacturer, and as you might expect – they specified only their products. The proposed lighting package was $630,000. We were able to “Value Engineer” the project utilizing 3 technologies (LED, Induction and T-8 fluorescent) from two other lighting fixture manufacturers to accomplish the same goals, but at less than half the cost ($260,000).

Our longtime experience with lighting projects gives peace of mind that you are getting the best possible solution at a reasonable price.


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