Lighting Design

Many Hands Make Light Work

Lighting design is a collaborative process between our designers and you. The first step is an evaluation of your current lighting output and energy use – what’s working for you and what’s not? With that audit in hand, we begin designing a new lighting system that’s not one size fits all. 

Most commercial lighting systems use an antiquated approach as a basis for design. These systems sometimes require up to 50% more fixtures to accomplish the same lighting output that newer technologies can deliver. We customize the design to meet your lighting needs, using cutting-edge equipment that will not only reduce the number of fixtures, but reduce your maintenance costs and increase the lighting levels exponentially. And with our years of experience, we have creative tricks and the direct industry connections to do it more cost-effectively with better results than our competitors.    

Design Process

Whether it’s a replacement or retrofit of existing lighting, we begin with an onsite visit to audit your existing lighting system.  We design a lighting system and prepare a draft for a kickoff meeting.  During this meeting our team (lighting engineer, project manager and project lead) present our proposed design and/or review your design and together determine the direction of your project.

Design Phase  

Our lighting engineer uses the data collected in the first site visit and/or your design data, to model the proposed lighting system to ensure the system meets the project requirements. Once all the design documents and submittal data have been collected and assembled, we schedule a “Design Review” meeting.  During this meeting, we finalize our design with you and deliver the preliminary construction schedule and submittal data.  Once you've completed your review, then accepted the product submittal data and preliminary construction schedule, we begin procurement of the system components.

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